Raccoon Removal in Toronto: Effective Ways to Deal with a Raccoon Invasion

If you need assistance with raccoon removal in Toronto, you want to hire a company that has experience and expertise dealing with this particular animal. For one thing, if you see one raccoon, you can be sure there are many others nearby. Also, an expert must handle this type of animal carefully since it is known to carry rabies.

Raccoon Removal Tips

If you are trying to keep raccoons away, make sure that any entry points into the house are properly sealed. For instance, check around your chimney, attic, eaves, and other places where raccoons can burrow through small holes to make their way inside.

You might also consider trapping the animals. After identifying any open areas, set a trap, bait it with eggs, tuna, or other favorite foods, and then wait. The problem with trapping raccoons by yourself is that you have to don the appropriate gear for protection, handle the trap correctly, avoid getting bit, and then release the animal at a suitable location. When hiring professionals, they deal with these and other challenges on your behalf.

If you have raccoons lingering around your property, but they have not yet made it inside, you may be able to scare them away with loud sounds and lights. However, due to the risks involved and the low rate of success in trying to keep raccoons away on your own, using professional services for pest control in Toronto is a better solution.

In addition to performing the actions mentioned, a pest control professional will also assess the entire property to discover anything else that is attracting the raccoons. For example, the expert may suggest that you keep your garbage can inside of the garage until trash pickup day or purchase a new type with a locking lid. You may not realize it, but raccoons are smart, determined, and agile. If you do not take preventative measures, these sneaky creatures can open latches, pull off lids, and more.

If you are asking yourself, “Are there any top services for animal removal near me?” know that you can trust us at Pestico to get the job done right. As an industry leader in pest control, we are confident that we can remove raccoons from your property, along with other pests. Visit our website or call us today to learn more.

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