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Put Your Best Foot Forward in Removing Flies and Mosquitos

If you reside in Toronto and the adjoining areas, you may find that flies and mosquitoes can be found in abundance in this sprawling metropolis. In fact, these pests can breed and multiply in all kinds of environments and are especially resilient to the urban habitat. This is where you can hire a qualified team like Pestico to remove flies and mosquitos effectively.

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Eco-friendly Solutions for All Kinds of Flies

Did you know, in Canada you will come across common flies like the blow fly, flesh fly, fruit fly, house and bush fly, march fly and the stable fly. Whatever the breed, if a fly infests you, it’s always a cause for concern as they carry bacteria and other disease-causing organisms.

We offer environmentally friendly residential and commercial flies and mosquitos pest control services to residents in the Greater Toronto Area.

Did you know?

We effectively treat mosquitoes as they are vector agents that carry viruses and parasites. They do this from one person to another without contracting the disease themselves. Did you know mosquito-borne diseases are viral in nature and include west nile virus, chikungunya, dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, Barmah Forest virus disease and Ross River virus disease. At the same time, flies can easily thrive on decomposing organic material. This means they can easily enter homes and get attracted to foodstuffs.

As a leading provider of pest control services, our highly experienced team is equipped to effectively eliminate flies and mosquitoes. Our prices are highly affordable too. The Pestico crew can also give you the knowledge and show how to install security measures so flies and mosquitoes don’t return. Our fly and mosquito control services in Toronto are well renowned for providing holistic solutions.

What to Expect

  • Urgent control measures for all signs of fly and mosquito infestation
  • Experience and expertise to effectively eliminate flies and mosquitoes
  • Added support – from installing security measures to education

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