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Hassled by the frequent presence of birds in your property? Look no further. Across Toronto and the GTA, Pestico is one company, trusted by al clients for removing birds of all species from your home. We also remove them from commercial establishments, protect you from diseases and keep you healthy from parasites that are spread by birds.

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Dedicated Pest Bird Control Services

You should be aware that pest birds can be a nuisance even though they are not classified as pests. Pest birds can be the main cause for most of the pest infestation problems. In addition to hazardous droppings, they lead to lice contamination. Birds can also ruin paint, plaster and concrete by nesting in roof spaces. Lastly, their droppings emit bad odor and attract flies.

This is precisely the reason why you need the effective solutions of bird control from Pestico. We start by conducting a thorough survey of the bird problems on your property and customize our service to suit your need and budget. You can also be assured that we will stand by our work with a guarantee after the word is done. Our clients also trust us for using innovative solutions to remove pest bird contamination, harmlessly.

Did you know?

We bring a rich legacy of over 20 years of industry experience. As a leading bird control service provider, we only recommend and use safe eco-friendly products. We make sure our safe products are procured from reputed manufacturers only. The Pestico crew brings the expertise you need to deal with unwanted bird activity around your business premises or home.

What to Expect

  • Highly professional bird control service in Toronto.
  • Efficient, professional solutions, guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • Elimination of transmissible bird diseases associated with pigeons and house sparrows
  • Solutions customized to fit your need and budget

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