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Clients across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area rely on Pestico for our expertise in removing harmful raccoons. When unwanted raccoons enter your property and create a hassle for everyone, it’s time to take strong decisive action. That’s when you should call Pestico team to the rescue – the acclaimed experts in pest and animal service in Toronto

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Important Attic Check-ups

We make sure to always check the attic. Remember, raccoons are entering attic and structures during early winter. Then early March or the onset of Spring, this is the time raccoons begin giving birth. That means that if you notice your raccoon problem at this time, chances are the litter of babies would be in the attic while the adult is outside. That’s why this is no DIY and it makes sense to call the professionals at Pestico right away.

You can rely on Pestico to understand Raccoons well and their tricks and that’s why always come prepared. Once we receive a call, our professional will be at your property to conduct a free, no-obligation assessment.

Did you know?

  • Seemingly fat raccoons can easily squeeze through small openings
  • This is how they easily get inside and reside in attics
  • They possess great climbing skills and have strong, agile hands
  • Raccoons are resourceful, diligent and determined.
  • They can rip through old, weak or rotted wood to gain entry to an attic.

What to Expect

  • At your service 24 hours a day for emergencies
  • Nontoxic, environmentally friendly, and sustainable solution
  • All our services are competitively priced

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