Termite Control

Eliminate Termites Before They Destroy Your Home

Everyone knows the extent of the damage’s termites can cause to your home or property. If not managed fast they can extensively destroy the structure of a property. In Toronto, Pestico Canada Inc. plays an effective role in providing safe termite control services.

Often you may ignore termites as just an annoying feature but if you ignore them for long, they can quickly turn into a big threat. These pests are a determined lot and if the infestation is not brought under control, ants can even harm the structure of your home or commercial property.

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New Generation Treatment for the Age-old Termite Nuisance

When you get in touch with Pestico, we begin by doing a thorough inspection of your wood work to detect termites in woodwork, masonry and bricks. We do all this without causing any damage to the structure. This is then followed up with new generation chemicals that flush out the termites but do not cause any damage to anyone’s health or your property.

Did you know?

Our highly trained and skilled professionals offer efficient termite removal before they can cause damage to wooden structures and construction. We bring an integrated termite treatment package suited to your individual needs.

For over 20 eventful years, Pestico continues to serve clients to their full satisfaction in Toronto. We offer termite control solutions for both commercial and residential properties in the GTA. Not only will you appreciate our hassle-free service that is valid all year round, our stellar service is also complemented by a solid warranty that is valid for one whole year.

What to Expect

  • Child and pet friendly treatments
  • Complete restoration of your property to pristine state after the job is done
  • Experts in termite removal for any size of property

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