Bed Bugs Removal

Remove Bed Bugs Before They Become a Big Problem

In many homes/apartments in Toronto and the GTA, bed bugs are a common pest. And if one doesn’t take decisive action soon, bed bugs can become destructive soon. Thankfully you can trust Pestico the professionals who bring proven techniques and resources to eliminate these pests from your home.

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Effective Solutions For a Common Urban Problem

Beg Bugs have made their presence felt very strongly in homes all over Canada. Did you know they thrive by feeding on the blood of warm-blooded organisms including human beings. As professional bed bug eliminators, Pestico brings over 20 years of proven experience dealing with these irritant household pests that can make living difficult for many families.

Did you know?

We only use eco-friendly, natural products that will cause no harm to you or your family. At Pestico, our pest-control solutions are non-toxic, environmentally sustainable and completely effective. Mechanical barriers, electrical traps and repellents, non-poisonous glue boards are some of the solutions we use. Not only that, we use pesticides very carefully and only apply what is necessary for each project.

What to Expect

  • Highly trained staff qualified to tackle tough pests
  • A to Z bed bug removal for establishments small, medium or large
  • German cockroaches, furniture beetles, bees, mosquitoes, spiders, and houseflies

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