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The Perfect Solution for Wasp Intrustions on Your Property

In addition to being a common annoyance, wasps and bees can be harmful too. In Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, if you notice wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and bees around your property, beware, not only are they classified as pests, their sting can be deadly too.

Keep in mind that wasps and bees may feel threatened if you hover around them and they may sting you as an act of self-defense. Specially, be extremely careful when you reach into dark places like a toolbox, garbage can, barbecue grill etc. as this is where stings are most likely to happen. The sting can leave people in a lot of pain and also make your skin red and swollen. At times, it can be a life-threatening situation too.

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The Smart Approach to Eradicating Wasps and Bees

You can count on Pestico to completely eradicate wasps and bees in addition to other insects and creatures. You may think that a wasp or bee nest that is undisturbed poses no harm. True, but if the same nest is identified where people frequent, they can pose a serious problem and hazard. Especially during the summer months, wasps and bees can become quite active in and around your property.

Did you know?

We recommend that at the first instance of noticing a bee or wasp nest, do not try a DIY approach but get in touch with the professionals at Pestico. Even if it seems small, the nest can house hundreds of wasps or bees and their string can become quite harmful and allergic.

Simply call us at Pestico and our wasp control team can come to your rescue.

What to Expect

  • Pestico – over 20 years’ experience in wasp and bee removal
  • Tailored solutions to protect you family and your pets
  • Expert bee and wasp removal for all types of establishments

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