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Rat and Mice Extermination Experts in Toronto

If you see a lot of rat or mice around your home or property, it can be the cause for a lot of unwanted problems. You no longer need to worry now. You can simply get in touch with the most reliable Rodent management company in Toronto and the GTA. You can trust Pestico to securely and confidently take the pests out of your home and off your mind too.

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Pestico – Highly Professional Rodent Control Company

As the undisputed experts in pest and rodent control service, we are experienced in handling all kinds of the pests in Toronto.

These include common rodents like mice and rats. And also, squirrels, hamsters, beavers, porcupines etc. which cause all sorts of problems for people in residential areas.

Did you know?

In Toronto and the GTA, Pestico is trusted for helping clients get rid of this nuisance with proven measures and strategies.

We understand rodents very well. For instance, did you know each species thrives in a different environment and has a particular food preference. This means, you can trust us to employ individual methods that work best to exterminate each species of rodent. Beyond removal, you can rely on Pestico to provide emergency help – we are there whenever you need us.

What to Expect

  • Glue boards, mechanical barriers and electrical traps strategically placed
  • Rich, proven experience in rodent control services
  • Free of toxic material use

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