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Raccoon Removal Services Toronto

Raccoon Removal Services

Pestico Canada, a top racoon removal company Toronto, has the experience and expertise required to remove damaging raccoons. Even plump raccoons are notorious for squeezing through small openings to get inside an attic. Not only do raccoons have exceptional climbing skills and agile hands, they are diligent and determined. Being so resourceful, raccoons search for areas that provide attic access, including attic vents and the area where the soffit and roof meet.

For homes with a fireplace, some type of wildlife cover is highly recommended since this is another popular point of entry. When facing an obstacle, raccoons are very resourceful. They will become destructive, ripping through old, inadequate, or rotted wood to gain entry to an attic. At Pestico Canada, we know the tricks that raccoons play, and for that reason, we come prepared.


Pestico’s Professional Raccoon Removal & Control Services in Toronto

After you call us about a raccoon problem, we will dispatch a qualified technician to perform a free, no-obligation assessment. Prior to performing any work, the technician will identify the point or points of entry, determine if live raccoons and perhaps babies are in the attic, and whether there are any damaged areas in the home. Once complete, the technician will provide you with an estimate based on the recommended racoon pest control solution.

Having information about the problem and the suggested resolution allows you to make an informed decision about proceeding. The technician will also advise you of any steps that you should take to prevent a future problem with raccoons. It may be replacing rotted wood, adding a wildlife cover on your chimney, or even having a completely new roof installed.

The most effective way to eliminate a raccoon problem involves attaching a special door at the entry location. This one-way door is designed to allow the raccoon to exit the attic without a way to re-enter. Because raccoons are so tenacious, once the main point of entry is inaccessible, they will search for other options. Therefore, our technicians are trained to investigate the entire house, ensuring that all compromised areas are identified.

In early March, raccoons begin giving birth. That means that if your raccoon problem coincides with this time of year, there is a good chance that while the adult raccoon is shut outside, her litter of babies remains in the attic. As part of our racoon removal Toronto services that we provide at Pestico, the technician will conduct a thorough inspection of the attic area to ensure that no babies are left behind. This is a critical step in the removal process because a mother raccoon will not give up her attempts to retrieve her litter.

If babies are present, the technician will gently remove them and place them inside a warm incubator or a container. By setting the protected babies near the one-way door, the mother can retrieve her litter without any harm to her or her babies.

Although raccoons are a big annoyance, most people just want them removed, not destroyed. To rid your home of raccoons, we use nontoxic, environmentally friendly, and sustainable methods. Since each situation is unique, we have a range of packages, all competitively priced. We also provide our customers with a six-month guarantee on services rendered, and we are available 24 hours a day for emergencies. Beyond raccoon removal, we offer a variety of pest control services at Pestico, all guaranteed.

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