5 DIY Tips for Wasp Removal from Your Home

For wasp removal, most people automatically call in the pros. This is certainly an excellent solution, especially when wasp control is out of hand. However, you can always try some do-it-yourself solutions. Some of these methods work well for getting rid of wasps.

Although officially known as red wasps, the same colony will contain both a red wasp and brown wasp. A colony only contains three types of the same individuals, including fertile queens, sterile male workers, and males. Starting in the spring, they begin building a nest made from wasp saliva mixed with wood and various types of plant material.

Male wasps will not sting if they feel the nest is threatened, whereas females can become quite aggressive. If a nest is left untouched, it can easily house 800 or more queens and males. Even when workers die after mating, the fertilized female finds a protected place for the winter. This shows the importance of pest control in Toronto.

Elimination Methods

  1. Use a jet spray nozzle on a garden hose to knock down the wasp nest. Always wear protective closing, stand back as far as possible, and have a plan of escape just in case the queens become aggressive. Do this after dark since this is when colony members return to the nest.
  2. Cut the curved portion of a plastic water bottle off. Fill the bottom portion halfway with water and a few drops of dish soap. Rub jam, jelly, or honey around the cut rim of the top portion, inserting it into the bottom half, and taping the two together. Hang the bottle roughly 3 to 4 feet from the ground. As the wasps try to get to the sweet surface, they become trapped inside and drown. Clean the bottle daily and never crush or swat at dead or live wasps, as this causes them to release a pheromone that signals other wasps to attack.
  3. A powerful aerosol sold at home improvement and hardware stores soaks the nest, killing the wasps inside.
  4. Getting rid of wasps is also possible with dusting insecticides that deter them from returning the following spring while killing emerging wasps.
  5. Residual liquid insecticides mixed with water and sprayed around the nest area helps with wasp control while preventing future nesting activity.

If you prefer professional assistance, contact a reputable company that offers local wasp removal. At Pestico, we offer a wide range of pest control services. You can visit our website to learn about our different services or contact us by phone.

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