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Wasp Removal Services Toronto

Wasp Removal Services Toronto

In addition to being an annoyance, for some people, wasps and bees are deadly. In Toronto and the greater Toronto area, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and bees are common. Especially during the hot summer months, these insects are a challenge for residents and business owners. At Pestico Canada Inc., our licensed wasp removal technicians possess the required experience and expertise to handle any wasp or bee problem.

By nature, wasps and bees sting when feeling threatened. For most people, a sting is extremely painful, leaving the skin swollen and red. However, for someone who is allergic to these insects, one sting can be enough to create a life-threatening situation.

Stings often occur when reaching into dark places, like a toolbox, garbage can, barbecue grill, and so on. In some instances, a person has no idea he or she is allergic to these insects until being stung.

If you are dealing with a wasp or bee problem at your home or business, it is essential to take quick and appropriate wasp control action. Because of the many risks, only an expert wasp removal company should eradicate the problem. There is never a good reason to put you, your family, workers, and even pets at risk. At Pestico Canada Inc., a leading wasp removal company Toronto, we stand behind all wasp control services with a strong guarantee.

Eradicating Wasps and Bees

We specialize in the removal of wasps and bees, as well as other insects and creatures. Typically, undisturbed wasp and bee nests pose no real threat. However, when located where people frequent, they become a problem, especially during the summer, when these insects are active.

If you discover a wasp or bee nest, even if it is small, never try to remove it since even a small disturbance is often enough to cause these insects to attack. A small nest can contain a large number of wasps and bees, and an individual who has never been stung may not be aware of being allergic. The best action is to call Pestico Canada Inc. and use our wasp control Toronto services.

The Evolving Cycle

Wasps, just like bees, have a queen. At the start of winter, the queen mates and then searches for a warm place to wait out the cold. While the entire colony dies, the queen lives and remains dormant. As spring approaches, the queen comes out of dormancy, looking for food and a place to nest.

Using cloth fibers, rotten wood, and leaves, the queen wasp generates a natural organic material. Over time, a single wasp nest has literally thousands of cells. As the larvae are born; the colony forms. In approximately three weeks, the now-adult wasps emerge from the nest, starting with sterile adult females who take over the queen’s responsibility. The only job the queen has is to procreate to build a stronger and bigger colony. By the end of summer, some of these colonies are massive in size.

Although most wasps, bees, hornets, and yellow jackets attack when provoked, there are times when they attack humans and even pets for no reason at all. If you have a wasp or bee nest close to your home or business, never try to remove it on your own. For this problem or to learn about the other pest control services that we offer, please contact Pestico Canada Inc. at 416-747-PEST (7378).

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