Understanding the Basics of Rodent Control

Rodents are a big problem for many homeowners. Whether you have rats, mice, squirrels, gophers, raccoons, or something else, these rodents can become very destructive, chewing through electrical wires, wood siding, and more. Although you can purchase different rodent control products, your best bet for permanent rodent control is to hire a reputable pest control company.

With many rodent control companies serve customers in the Greater Toronto Area, it is essential that you choose one with several years of experience and expertise in dealing with all different types of pests. When you hire the right company for pest control in Toronto, you have assurance they that use the most effective and safest rodent control solutions available.

To get control over rodents, you need to make sure that food is never left out. Even dog or cat food placed outside for your pets is enough to attract different rodents. Also, make sure there are no open holes where rodents can get inside through your attic, chimney, or some other part of the house. If you have done everything you can but still deal with a rodent problem, you need to call in reinforcement.

Depending on the rodent in question, a reputable pest control company will either trap and relocate the animal or use various commercial grade rodent control products that kill. While this might sound inhumane, the best companies use products that work quickly and efficiently. In reality, there is no way to trap a hoard of rats and mice. For that reason, the company that you hire will determine the extent of the problem and then take the appropriate action.

When using products to eliminate and control a rodent population, the professional will choose something safe for homeowners who have small children and pets. That way, you never have to worry about loved one or a beloved pet becoming ill. The products used are formulated specifically for the type of rodent involved.

Once the rodents are killed or trapped, the expert will perform follow-up visits to your home to check for signs of a returning problem. Usually, the resolution is achieved on the first visit, but make sure that you choose a company that stands behind its work in case an additional visit is warranted.

At Pestico, we offer a full range of rodent and pest control solutions that work. You can visit our website to learn more or contact a company representative today.

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