Squirrels can be a familiar sight in trees and around yards and sometimes they are easy to ignore. They can also become a nuisance especially as their numbers grow and they begin to seek refuge inside the home. In most cases, squirrels live in underground burrows, tree hollows or crooks of branches, but it is common to find them seeking shelter in attics. While you might not be too worried about their presence in your yard, when they invade your home it becomes personal! There are things that you can do to keep squirrels out of your home and keep your sanity intact.

Repair any roof damage in your home

Having regular inspection of your roof will not only help to maintain your home in the best condition, it will also help to keep animals away from your home. Inspecting the roofline will help you to identify any areas that are rotten or have been weakened due to water damage. Check for leaks and make sure that the roofing material is intact. Any portions of the trim or roof that are damaged are much easier to chew through, making them the perfect access points for squirrels.

Consider animal proofing your home

One of the best ways to protect your home from marauding squirrels is by animal proofing the roof vents. The squirrels usually gain access into the home through vents and they make their home in the attic. Attic fans and vents are not designed to keep out animals and while the insect screen can keep out bugs, they cannot withstand a squirrel. A squirrel can make quick work of the screen and will pull it or chew on it to gain access into the home. Talk to the animal control specialist about the best animal proofing alternatives to find out devices that work effectively.

Get regular yard or landscape maintenance

Squirrels are usually great climbers but you do not need to make their work easy! A tree branch can make the perfect ladder for the squirrels to get to your roof. If you have a tree close to your home, you should make sure that you keep the branches trimmed away from the house. This might not make it impossible for the squirrels to get onto the roof but it can make it more difficult. Making your home less appealing to the animals might discourage them from making permanent residence.

Get rid of water and food sources

Make sure that your property is not conducive to the squirrels. Removing all food and water sources will help and this includes bird feeders. If you do not want to remove the feeders, make sure that you keep the area underneath clear of seeds. You can also put cayenne pepper in the bird feed or consider investing in a squirrel-proof bird feeder. If you have fruit or nut trees, make sure that you pick up any fruits that fall to the ground. While they can sometimes eat from the trees, squirrels prefer to wait until fruits and nuts ripen and fall to the ground before eating them.

These tips can keep your home free from squirrel infestation.  If you already have a problem with squirrels, make sure that you contact a pest exterminator in Toronto immediately.

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