Raccoons are smart, tough and aggressive animals and they can wreak havoc on your property within a very short time. The critters may look furry and cute but they are real troublemakers and they can frustrate the most patient and animal loving homeowner. If you notice a raccoon around your home or property, you can be sure that you are about to experience some problems. Raccoons have strong claws and they can cause serious damage to your deck, garage, shed or your home’s exterior.

Raccoons can also cause damage to the interior of the home once they gain access. The animals will do whatever it takes to get into your home to seek warmth and shelter and the moment they get in the damage begins. In the attic, the raccoons will damage the insulation and drywall by chewing on the electrical wiring and leaving urine and feces all over the place. Apart from the damage, exposure to disease becomes a problem. Raccoons are known to spread dangerous parasites and viruses.

Carry out an inspection

To repel or get rid of a raccoon effectively, the first step should be carrying out an inspection. As much as you think that this is something you can easily do yourself, it is a good idea to get professional inspection. An experienced professional will identify all potential access points and will offer the best advice about reinforcing all the weak areas around the chimney and other areas. This is a critical step when you want to repel raccoons. Other areas to examine include under decks and stoops where the animals can gain access. Any potential weak areas and points of entry should be fixed.

Removing the animals

If raccoons have moved into your home, you need to find out how to remove them. During spring and winter, pregnant raccoons or new moms are usually looking for a place to shelter their young ones. Call in the pest control experts who know the best ways to get rid of the raccoons. If they capture a lactating female, they know that there are babies close by, usually in the attic. You should never assume that a raccoon is friendly, as they tend to get very vicious especially when protecting their young ones. Get help the moment you notice a raccoon on your property.

Treating the area

After a raccoon has been removed from any area, it is important to treat the space or area. Whether the animal was removed dead or alive, cleaning is essential to remove the scent. The animals always leave a scent anywhere they move and other animals take any weakening scent as a sign that there is a warm place for them to move into. Make sure that you seal all access points to make sure that new raccoons or other animals do not move in.

Preventing raccoon damage begins by making sure that you repel the animals. Do not take on the risk yourself, as getting rid of raccoons can be dangerous.  It is best to leave the job to the professionals who know what they are doing when it comes to animal control and prevention.

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