Skunks are notorious for the unpleasant, pungent odor that they emit when they feel threatened. They are some of the most common nuisance animal species and a major reason for calls to animal control companies. Skunks are somewhat beneficial to the environment as they consume pest species such as rats, grubs, mice and yellow jackets, but their presence and habits can cause some serious problems for homeowners. It is important to call the professionals if you even suspect that you have a skunk on your property. Do not wait until the wildlife ruin your home or yard before getting help.

Skunk activity

Skunks are nocturnal and they conduct most of their damaging activity at night. The animals prefer to stay in confined and sheltered spaces and they can often be found under stoops, decks and porches. While they do not usually breach the building interior, they can still cause substantial damage by digging burrows beneath the structures. The animals can cause serious damage to architectural durability and they can devalue a property. The burrowing activity can create cracks and damage buildings, stoops, concrete porches, and sidewalks. The Skunks also damage landscaping by digging up gardens and lawns.

The skunk problem

It is important to find out how to address a skunk problem. You do not have to bear with the problem and help is always a phone call away. Skunks tend to be non-aggressive species, but when alarmed they spray a noxious liquid that comes from glands that are located beneath the tail. The skunks have a very good aim and the spray can reach a distance of up to 20 feet. The scent may not be permanent, but it is difficult to remove and it usually takes time to dissipate. Any porous materials that are affected often require professional cleaning. The area or room needs to be ventilated to remove the skunk odor.

Disease carriers

While it is very rare for skunks to attack humans, they have been known to carry rabies and it is possible to get the disease if you get bitten. If you notice a skunk on your property, you should not try to approach or remove it yourself. Your best course of action is to get professional help. Call the wildlife removal experts and avoid putting your life or health at risk. The animal control experts have the training, equipment and expertise to manage any skunk problems. The specialists can also help to create a comprehensive plan that will work to identify all potential infiltration and habitation areas or dens.

Evidence of digging should not be ignored. If you notice that something has been digging in your yard during the night, you can safely assume that you have a pest problem and very likely a skunk. It should concern you that you have a den on your property and you need to get immediate help to remove the offending wildlife from your property. If you notice burrowing near your home or smell a skunk, contact the professionals immediately. Waiting for too long will only make the problem worse!

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