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Termite Control Services Toronto

Pestico Canada Inc. is a leading pest control company functioning efficiently for 20 years in Toronto. We offer termite control solutions in Toronto for your commercial and residential property. We offer a quick hassle free service all year round and our termite control service also comes with a one year warranty. Termites are a damaging pest that can extensively destroy the structure of a building if not managed or controlled by qualified pest professionals. Through our professional and well-trained staff, Pestico Canada Inc. plays an effective role in providing safe termite control services in Toronto. Termites are known for their damaging effects on wooden structures and construction. We are a pest control company that has developed an integrated termite treatment solutions to suit your specific needs.

We detect the termites in woodwork, masonry and bricks without damaging the structure. We use new generation chemicals that are designed to treat all kind of termites. Be it your home or business premises, it is likely to be your biggest investment in terms of money for the treatment of termites, so it is obvious you need the best provider for all your termite treatment. You need not to panic as we can help you in termite removal in whatever state your wood might be.

You can get an appointment for the time suitable to you. We offer child and pet friendly treatments. We will make as many visits required resolving the problem completely. Our team also provides a basic clean up after the job is done. So you need not to worry about these intruders as we will take care of your home and office. The methods used for the termite removal are completely effective and are environment friendly under the supervision of qualified professionals. Pestico Canada Inc. is the experts in termite control with well-trained team of professionals. Contact us today and have a termite free life!

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